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Flow Turns 2 - Flow Physio Co Sutherland

Last week Flow Physio Co Sutherland celebrated 2 years operating in the Sutherland Shire.

Jason sat down to talk through the 2 years and give a big thank you to the Flow community.

His top 2 tips from the 2 years:

1. Prioritise your health. Without your health, how do you expect to look after your family, run a business and do all the things you want to do?

2. Learn how you manage your stressors. Stress is inevitable and a part of a healthy life. It’s not in the stress that you bear, it’s how you handle it.

Happy ✌🏽 years.
Here’s to many more.



A subset of people who suffer an ACL rupture can successfully return to sport without surgery.

We refer to them as copers or responders.

How do we identify them and have a successful return to sport?

  1. Screen for suitability - this isn't for everyone
  2. Systematically rehab - progression is key
  3. Test against objective criteria with minimum standards

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84% decrease in ACL re-injury risk using simple decision rules


A recent study outlines simple decision rules that may decrease re-injury risk by up to 84% after ACL reconstruction.

The main take-aways from the study were:

  1. Patients who returned to pivoting and cutting sports had a 4.32 times higher re-injury rate than those who did not

  2. Re-injury rate was significantly reduced by 51% for each month return to sport was delayed until 9-months after surgery

  3. Almost 40% of those who failed return to sport criteria suffered re-injuries versus 5% of those who passed

  4.  More symmetrical quads strength prior to return significantly reduced knee injury rate