Provide women's health physio to all post natal woman for pelvic health advice

A petition in the UK with over 4 thousand signatures is calling for all post natal women to have access to women's health physios for pelvic health advice.

Marie Fell, the creator of the petition, says she was "shocked" by the lack of follow up in her post natal period. While this may not be the case in Australia, it highlights the important role women's health physiotherapists can play in ensuring the safety, health and well-being of new mums. 

The petition reads:

Women's health physios are perfect professionals for assessing, and treating the mother post natally. They can check many concerns like scar tissue healing, gynae health and abdominal separation issues. Sadly mothers are being left without anyone to talk to about incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti problems and all of these can be prevented or at least symptoms managed to avoid surgery further down the line.

See petition here

Your 6-week post natal check

 At Flow Physio Co, your 6-week check with Charlotte, our Women's Health Physio, will involve:

  • Assessing the integrity of the pelvic floor musculature - This is to make sure you can get a contraction, as some women's pelvic floor can be inhibited after birth

  • Assessing the position of pelvic organs and the presence of prolapse

  • Examining for an abdominal separation (diastisis recti) and deep core contraction

  • Discussing incontinence treatment strategies

  • Developing a progression plan for safely returning to exercise and physical activity

We know pregnancy, birth and the post natal period are a beautiful but challenging period.

It is our goal to help empower mums to be as safe and as healthy as possible.